Debutots Summer Holiday Activity ideas

Summer holidays needn’t be an endless struggle of finding things to do. There are loads of fun things you can do indoors and outdoors for free or not much money.

Children Jumping

Here’s the Debutots print it and keep it list of some of our favourite fun holiday activities… how many can you do?

Email us your pictures:

·    Bake a cake. Or if your baking skills are lacking, buy a cheap cake or some biscuits and decorate yourselves
·     Have a teddy bear’s picnic in a park or in the garden
·      Grab a net and some jam jars and go pond dipping
·      Have breakfast outside
·      Visit a museum or art gallery
·      Go for a bike ride
·      Paint your nails
·      Camp in the back garden in a tent or on a trampoline
·      Go on a treasure hunt. Hide treasure or make a list of things to find like: a feather, a snail, a tall tree
·      Climb a tree
·      Roll down a hill. Have a race!
·      Pick your own strawberries or blackberries. Maybe make some jam
·      Fly a kite – a bought one or a carrier bag on a string
·      Drive to a hill and watch the sunrise or sunset
·       Make daisy chains
·       Go on a bug hunt
·       Paddle in a stream
·       Feed the ducks (not bread though!)
·       Decorate biscuits with icing and sprinkles
·       Make a monster out of recycling
·        Visit a local fete or fun day
·        Go on a puddle walk in the rain
·        Make tree and leaf rubbings with paper and wax crayons
·         Have a home cinema night with a dvd and popcorn
·        Build a den inside or outside
·        Find a 4 leaf clover
·        Visit grandparents or an elderly neighbour
·         Have a water fight
·        Make a road on the carpet with masking tape for your toy cars
·         Roast marshmallows on a fire or over a candle
·        Play Pooh sticks
·        Press flowers and make a picture
·         Paint the floor or the walls outside with water
·         Have a snail race
·         Go rock pooling
·         Make a nature mobile to hang outside with things you find in the garden or in the park
·        Paint pictures on stones
·        Walk a dog – borrow one if you don’t have one!
·        Visit the library
·        Wash dolls or other toys outside in a paddling pool or a bowl
·         Build a bug hotel
·         Ride a bus or a train and take a note book to list what you see. You could count the number of shops or churches, for example.
·        Put on a show in your living room. Don’t forget costumes! (Tin foil makes great crowns and a bed sheet is the perfect robe!)
·        Plant some seeds or do some gardening
·        Make an obstacle course
·        Take a few pounds and go on a shopping spree at a market, car boot or charity shop – see who finds the best bargain!
·        Build a swing on a tree branch
·        Go bird watching
·        Star gaze
·        Go to the theatre
·        Have an alphabet hunt – find something that begins with every letter
·        Skim stones
·       Make a scrap book or memory box of all the things you did this summer!

Most of all – have FUN! Enjoy the holidays and play safely. xxx