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"From the moment Ellie started our sessions the children have been engrossed, they really enjoy listening & joining in with the stories. Ellie uses lots of ways to communicate the story to the children and really brings it to life. It has really inspired the children’s imagination and quite frankly they just haven't stopped talking about it."

Leaps and Bounds Nursery

As soon as I saw that Debutots wasn’t in Brighton and Hove I knew my mission (if I choose to accept it!) was to bring it down to the fabulous little ones by the sea!

As a child I was always the energetic, dramatic one and being in school plays was never enough. I wanted to pretend that underneath the kitchen table was my base camp or that I was being held hostage and tied to the banisters with my father’s ties or the coat cupboard under the stairs was the witches cave. (Much to the despair of my poor over worked mother!)

Now, as an adult (and a mum), I have come full circle and I see children’s need to explore their imagination at an eary age through my own children. Imaginary worlds are limitless and they need few or no props to enter into magical realms.

Debutots brings these worlds to life … with bells on! One week children will find themselves building a rocket to the moon in search for moon cheese and then the next helping a firefly fairy find her spark. In each class we will use either bubbles or a play a parachute game relevant to the story.

With links into EYFS and Key Stage 1, Debutots is a welcome addition into schools, nurseries, children centres and libraries.

Don't forget to ask me about my range of Debutots parties too! these can be tailored to fit your childrens needs around our adventurous and fun themes for both Boys and Girls.

If this sounds like something that you or your little one would like to come along to, please feel free to contact me for a free trial.

Hope to see you soon

Ellie x

Debutots classes are supporting nurseries, schools and children's centres across the region.

The following settings enjoy the benefits of Debutots:

  • Hurst College Pre prep School (after School Club)
  • Brighton and Hove Girls Junior School (after school club)
  • Burgess Hill for Girls (after school club) 
  • Leaps n Bounds Nursery
  • Young Sussex Nurseries
  • St Luke’s Primary School (after school club)
  • The Garden Nursery 
  • My First Word - grows up!
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