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Hi everyone, thank you for your interest in Debutots Gloucestershire.

I came across Debutots, quite by accident and it soon became all I could think about! What a great opportunity to utilise my performing and teaching skills. I have always enjoyed working with children; most recently as a Primary School Teacher but most excitingly as a Butlins Redcoat. I have a real passion for entertaining and educating children and Debutots does exactly this and more!

One week, we could be helping animals arrange an important picnic, the next, going on a magical undersea adventure with a lobster. Whatever the story, it will be explored through movement, actions, gestures and voices, along with songs and puppets to submerge the children into our magical Debutots world.

Having now experienced, first hand, what Debutots and I can offer children in a variety of settings, I am very excited to be bringing the franchise to the children (and parents) of Gloucestershire. The unique stories and the class format provide children with a great opportunity to have fun exploring their imaginations, whilst developing their communication, literacy and listening skills and increasing their confidence:

·          A welcome addition to many schools, nurseries and childminders around the country with links into the EYFS and Key Stage 1;
·          Exciting and imaginative worlds bought to life in community centres and mother and baby/toddler groups;
·          Parties!! A range of themes available and tailored to your children's needs.

Please contact me to register your interest in available groups and book a FREE TRIAL or suggest areas you feel would benefit from Debutots.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Kim x

Debutots classes are supporting nurseries, schools and children's centres across the region.

The following settings enjoy the benefits of Debutots:

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