Weekly Baby Story Play 3 mths – 3 yrs

Weekly Baby Story Play 3 mths – 3 yrs

Baby Story Play will delight your children, creatively inspire your staff and sow the seeds for effective dramatic play between carer and child in the nursery setting. An invaluable addition to your creative and literacy planning, Debutots classes develop children's language and communication skills.

Dipping tiny toes into the world of stories, words and sounds, babies and toddlers delight in a multi-sensory blend of storytelling, puppets, bubbles and music. Debutots is highly praised by Nursery Managers as an excellent child observation and training opportunity for their Nursery Practitioners who assist in the sessions.

Debutots is a worthwhile observation tool for your staff and all our classes are linked with national curricula. At the beginning of term, you receive a detailed Creative Planning Pack™ which maps the sessions to your framework and provides suggestions for continued exploration of the stories and themes.

Debutots has been fantastic for the development of the children in our care. It has helped them gain confidence, be part of a social group and really practice their communication skills.

Our children thoroughly enjoy Debutots. We can see the development the children have made along the way of their Debutots journey. The team also join in and have commented on how well organised the sessions are and how it gives them ideas for activities.

Weekly Early Years Drama 3 – 5 yrs

Weekly Early Years Drama 3 – 5 yrs

Debutots Early Years Drama has been hugely successful in nurseries since 2003. Our unique combination of interactive storytelling, original drama games and focused creative play makes this a much–loved part of many establishments' weekly pre-school literacy and communication or expressive arts curricula.

These expertly crafted classes develop your children's language and communication skills. Classes will take your children into an imaginary world where they can comfortably explore feelings, language, movement and their relationships with others. Our skilled drama practitioners guide your children through each story creatively, allowing them to imagine their very own version as they all become the sights, sounds and characters together.

Our detailed Creative Planning Pack™ which you receive at the beginning of term, maps the sessions to your framework and provides suggestions for continued exploration of the stories and themes.

I manage an Outstanding Pre-school, Debutots enhances our curriculum with fantastic stories in which the children can be part of the experience. Very well presented and the music that accompanies the sessions is fabulous.

One Off Workshops

One Off Workshops

World book day; National Storytelling Week; Diwali; Hanukkah; Easter; Christmas; The Jubilee and The 2012 Olympics are but a few of the perfect reasons why we have been asked to run one off workshops in nurseries.

Our Debutots original stories can make the most complicated themes accessible for little children to understand, learn from and most of all, enjoy.

We are able to tailor a one-off session (of 30-60mins depending on age group) to the needs of your nursery. Contact your local practitioner with your theme and we'll take it from there!

Our children always look forward to Debutots workshops and are never disappointed. It is a happy, fun and reliable experience.

Debutots is fantastic and the children in our nursery really enjoy it. It is very beneficial to the children's communication skills and we have seen improvement in their memory the way they can recall the stories. We like the way it also follows the curriculum and that's why we are having Debutots back again into our nursery.