Debutots is an inclusive, progressive and fun curriculum that all children can access and is an activity that children with a primary need of SEND can engage in alongside their peers. Debutots classes are delivered in a caring and enriching environment, catering for visual, kinaesthetic and auditory learners. Each child and every contribution is celebrated as they go on a unique adventure through a new Debutots story each week.

Children benefit from the familiarity of the same Debutots class structure whilst enjoying the excitement and stimulation that is provided by a new story with new characters and places to explore. Our scheme of work provides additional resources for continued learning and development and saves staff planning time. Furthermore we have a selection of resources available in our free Parent Port for parents to engage with their children at home.

Classes are adapted to suit the needs of the settings, for example we are able to support children who need shorter activities with additional support resources available. This is all considered and planned in conjunction with staff prior to classes starting.

The pupils in our class absolutely love our weekly Debutots session!  The stories are all appropriate to the varying needs and abilities of our class and enable pupils to develop their communication and interaction skills whilst having fun. Emma and her team are all so warm and welcoming and have very much become part of our team and we can't thank them enough for the experiences they bring to our class.

Hendi Longman Assistant Head Teacher, Upper School, St Annes.