With approximately 150,000 children in schools with a primary need of SEMH, we believe that Debutots interactive storytelling and dramatic play classes provide very specific benefits and are the perfect opportunity for children to explore their feelings in a safe environment.

Debutots Imaginative role play puts children in another's shoes and allows playful exploration of feelings, consequences of behaviour and relationships with others. In our safe, imaginary world children build an understanding of themselves and a sense of community as a group.

Anxious, shy, disengaged and traumatised children have benefitted hugely from the Debutots technique. In stepping into the shoes of an imaginary character they can safely explore their world and can use language or actions to convey their feelings more readily. With our experienced staff leading the sessions, this time provides the setting's staff with an opportunity to observe and pick up on things that they may not have noticed before as well as giving them the opportunity to engage with the children in a new and fun way.

I contacted Debutots prior to my son starting the classes and make them aware my son can be very shy and quiet just to help ease him in. The team have been very understanding and have really helped him. I've noticed a big change in his confidence, my son is more comfortable in situations he may have found difficult in the past. The classes have also developed his imagination in creating stories/characters which he wasn't able to do before and I know this is and will be valuable for him.

West London Parent